Book trailers are videos that celebrate and communicate what your new book is all about in a short, but compelling way.  They are perfect for promoting your book on your website and across all of your social media platforms.  Book trailers can range from simple to quite complex.  In the simplest form, we will take a few of your illustrations and put together a video montage that gives people a taste of what to expect when they buy your book.  In order to bring life to your static illustrations we can also create simple animations of your book art.


What we have found is that the most effective video trailers allow you as an author to share your heart about your new book.  We want to give you the opportunity to tell your audience what your book is about and why you wrote it.  To best facilitate this kind of film, we have packages that include travel so we can film in your setting to capture your story.  We then take that footage and add illustrations from your book, combining it with a music score.  The combination of hearing the background to your story, having excerpts of your book being read, and seeing the illustrations that make your words come alive creates a powerful tool that is sure to increase your ability to promote your book.  

"The Wonder That Is You" by Glenys Nellist
Zonderkidz Publishing
"Little Mole Finds Hope" by Glenys Nellist
Beaming Books
"The Beginner's Bible - Gift Edition" 
Zonderkidz Publishing


Author videos promote you as an author, whether you’ve written one hundred books or one. As an author, you need a platform where all of your readers can find you.  Adding a video so your readers can get to know you better is a great way to connect and grow your audience.  


For an author video, we will come to where you are and capture your story.  We will interview you and produce a short film that shares with the world who you are and why you are passionate about writing.  These videos include a music track and possibly b-roll and photos that help to tell your story.  

"I Love You To The Stars" by Crystal Bowman 
Kregel Publishing


Are people talking about your book?  Do you know of a story where your book has had a special impact on one of your readers?  Hearing from a fellow reader can be a powerful way to grow your platform and to educate people on why your book is important and needs to be read.  Testimonial videos can be one person or multiple people.  If you are a publisher, testimonial videos can also be a helpful tool in communicating why you choose to publish a specific book and the benefit it brings to the market.  For testimonials, we will travel to wherever those willing to share a testimony are in order to share your story in a powerful way.  

"Southern Wesleyan University" - Immerse: The Reading Bible
Tyndale House Publishers


In this digital age, children are not only reading books, they are also watching them on their electronic devices and video hosting services like YouTube.  We would love to help you move your book from page to screen and produce a version of your book in video form.  In order to make your book into a digital format, we will combine your illustrations with music and an appropriate actor who will read the words of your book.  For a video version of your book, you can either choose to keep your illustrations static or we can create simple animations from your illustrations.  In order to add another level of customization, we offer original music scoring as well. 



An interactive book app is a digital version of your book that can be downloaded and interacted with.  As children electronically turn the pages of your book, they will be able to interact with different parts of the story and the illustrations.  For example, if there are animals in your book, we may program them to make a noise if selected or pressed on a touch screen.  Because your book will be interactive, the reader’s experience will be different each time they read it.  Interactive books encourage young readers to learn and discover new things as part of their play.     

"Fantastic You" By Danielle Dufayet
Magination Press

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